Custom Rope Halters with Snaps


Made to Fit Your Horse

Shop & Create Your Custom Halter


Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are made with safety and comfort in mind, using high-quality American-made rope to help prevent chafing and rubbing on sensitive areas of your horse's face.


Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are lightweight and easy to use for leading, grooming, riding, and training. They are a "snap" to put on, without fussing with extra rope or buckles. Use under your bridle and pack a spare in your saddlebag!


Gentle enough for everyday use yet strong enough for training, Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters offer the optimal amount of pressure for all of your training and leading needs.


Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters can be made in any size, with adjustable crownpieces for the perfect fit. Choose your attachment and noseband - we even offer sidepull rings and Breakaways! With many fun color choices, you and your horse can make a statement with Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters!


Simple to use & great for trail riding & camping! I pack an extra Do Or Do Knot® rope halter in my saddlebag in case someone needs to tie their horse on a ride.

Sarah G.

The halters fit our horses perfectly & come with easy-to-follow directions to modify the size.

Lynn F.

I love Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters! They 'do knot' rub my horse's nose or poll like other halters do.

Tammy G.

The chin ring is simply a wonderful idea! The quality & craftsmanship are excellent.

Hannah L.

The Sidepull halter works great for my young horse, & I love using it with cross-ties!

Jordan S.

The Breakaway Loop gives me peace of mind in case my horse gets in a sticky situation.

Beth M.

I love being able to choose a custom size for my weirdly-proportioned horse. I've never been able to find a rope halter that fits him... until now!

Taylor W.

The snap is very convenient for my 7-year-old daughter.

Heather W.

Absolutely love my Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters! I love that it has a snap at the crown so I don't have to make a knot with flapping loose ends. & since they are a great price point, it doesn't break the bank!

Maggie D.