About Us

Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters combine the functionality of rope halters with the convenience of a snap to hold the crownpiece in place, eliminating annoying and potentially hazardous excess rope. Because these halters are snapped and not tied, they are simple to put on and take off, and are easy to wear underneath a bridle or pack in your saddlebag. With the right amount of pressure, the soft and durable rope helps you communicate without rubbing or pinching the sensitive parts of your horse’s face.

Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are made to fit your horse. In addition to sizes ranging from Extra-Small (for minis, yearlings, and small ponies) to Extra-Large (for drafts and draft crosses), we will also create bespoke halters from measurements that you provide. Halters come with detailed instructions on fitting and adjusting your custom halter to achieve the ideal fit. Customers can also watch our step-by-step video on fitting and adjusting halters here. With the wide array of colored ropes available, your Do Or Do Knot™ Rope Halter can be made to complement your horse’s color or coordinate with your tack. 

Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are washable, too! Follow our simple instructions for hand-washing or machine-washing our halters here.