FAQ & Policies

What makes Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters special?

Many rope halters available on the market are "one size fits all," which we all know to be wishful thinking at best, and a rotten scam at worst. Each horse is unique, from its size and conformation to its personality. Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are custom-made to fit each horse with soft yet durable rope, handcrafted construction and attention to detail. The stainless steel snap attachment gives you the convenience of quickly and easily putting on and removing your horse's halter; there is no tying or excess rope to deal with! Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are a great value, and can be made in almost any size and color.

How do I make sure my Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halter fits my horse?

Just follow the instructions on our Sizing & Adjusting Halters page or watch our How-To video! Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are easy to adjust, especially when new. The halter should be fairly snug (not tight) when it's new; as your horse wears the halter and the knots "settle" and break in, the halter will become looser-fitting.

Why are Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters made with a chin ring?

The stainless steel chin rings add strength and stability to our halters, giving added convenience for attaching lead ropes while also preventing horses from unraveling the chin knot. Halters can be made without the chin rings if requested, and will come with a traditional fiador chin knot instead.

What if the snap on my Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halter breaks or is lost?

If your halter snap should break or get lost, they are fortunately easy to replace! You may order replacement snaps from us at $4.50 each (or $12 for a set of 3). Otherwise, your local hardware store may carry individual swivel bolt snaps that you can use on your Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halter.

Help! The rope on my Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halter broke and my halter is now useless! What do I do?

If your halter becomes damaged or difficult to use, you can send us the pieces of the halter so we can make a replacement using the existing hardware! We can recycle the hardware on your old halter and create a new rope halter in any color or style you like.

The chin ring on my Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halter is damaged or broken. Can I get a replacement chin ring?

Unfortunately, due to the placement of the chin ring on the halter, replacing this piece of hardware is difficult. It's much easier and more economical to just purchase a replacement halter. If your chin ring is broken but the snap is still useful, you can ship it to us and we will recycle the snap to use on your new halter at a discount!

My halter is filthy and caked with mud! Can I wash it?

Yes, Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are washable! You can wash them by hand using warm water and mild detergent, or you can machine wash it in a lingerie bag on gentle cycle. Check out our step-by-step instructions on washing rope halters.

Can I turn my horses out in Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters?

The quality and feel of our rope makes Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters very convenient and comfortable to use. When placed under a great deal of pressure, the snap and/or rope will often break, allowing some horses to break free when trapped. However, the rope and hardware are still very strong, and horses can be very curious and accident-prone animals. Because of this, we do not recommend turning your horses out in any halter unless absolutely necessary, and owners should use caution and common sense when using halters or any equipment with their animals. We do sell leather Breakaway Loops to use with Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters, and our general philosophy is "better safe than sorry!"


Shipping & Return Policy

Because all halters are custom made by hand, orders may take anywhere from 2-5 business days to be made (depending on quantity). Do Or Do Knot® Rope Halters are shipped via USPS Priority Mail unless requested otherwise.

If you are unhappy with your order, let us know! Halters may be returned within 30 days of receipt, no questions asked. Refunds will only be given if halters are returned in new condition. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

Halter exchanges may be made within 30 days of receipt. Please notify us if you wish to exchange your halter, and specify the color and size of the replacement halter. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs; please include a note with your halter with your contact info, shipping address, and the color and size halter that you want.

We want your horse to have the ideal-fitting halter, so don't be afraid to ask for tips on adjusting your halter before returning or exchanging it! Sometimes, all it takes is a small adjustment for it to fit. :)